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Placebo EffectAre we able to treat diseases without medical preparations applying? Maybe this article will help to answer this question.

Medical scientists conducting the the clinical trials of newly created drugs have identified such a notion known as placebo effect. Its essence is rather simple, if one hundred of patients are given sugar pills which do not contain the actual substance and they are informed that they get new preparation to some extent the condition of patients may improve. But what are the reasons of such an improvement? The fact was considered earlier that placebo effect is proved to be a quackery. But recently it has been evidenced that placebo effect may become the strong medical way of treatment strengthening the organism’s conditions necessary for complete recovery. To clear out all the peculiar features of placebo effect the researches of University of California were conducted. Such researches were conducted by psychiatrists. Studying of placebo effect was carried out on the patients having chronic depression.

Twenty five of them within eight weeks received antidepressants fluoxetine and venlafaxine, and twenty six patients – sugar pills. Results of treatment were estimated on condition of patients, and also by results the encephalographic researches showing activity of various departments of brain. The expressed state improvement was noted at thirteen patients (or at fifty two per cent) from “medicinal group” and ten patients from group having placebo (thirty eight per cent). However the electroencephalography showed that the effect was followed by potentially different changes in brain activity. So antidepressants mainly activated prefrontal area – the brain zone which is responsible for an emotional condition of the person. And here placebo tablets had only the all-stimulating effect on brain, that is not so much removed depression, how many promoted the general increase of mental activity. “Many years doctors know, what even imitation of treatment promotes condition improvement of the patient”, scientific authors of research declare. If you do not have any desire to put at risk your health you may check out the website of Canadian Health Care Mall and find the necessary antidepressants to control your emotional state.

Our results only confirmed assumptions that placebo effect on the mechanism has nothing in common with usual methods of treatment. Perhaps, we will be able to use it in the purposes, combining with classical schemes and techniques of therapy. Other scientists from Harvard, having analysed results of 15 researches in which 1082 persons participated, found out that on average at reception of placebo of 35% of patients feel considerable sense of relief. In other research, the results of analyses showing are given how under the influence of placebo the composition of blood changes. Moreover, if the patient knows, what side effects the preparation which it accepts has, but on the present they may take placebo, in 77% of cases these side effects arise. Also it turns out that the belief in this or that effect can cause its emergence. It is all very interesting to read but people should understand you’d better take the medical preparations to overcome this or that disorder that’s why Canadian Health Care Mall will help you to get rid of your uncomfortable feelings.

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